January 6, 2010

Pilot Model of Alkem Scale Models USMRR Box Car

I will be heading to the Cocoa Beach Railroad Prototype Meet later this week. I was hoping for some warm weather, but it looks like Florida is also suffering a cold spell. If you are going to be there please be sure to say hi.

I will not be selling at the meet but I will display two of the pilot models for future Alkem Scale Models O Scale freight cars kits. The box car is pictured below. I posted photos of the flat car earlier. These are pilot models. Thus several small changes are needed before it is ready for production.

The freight car kits will include the trucks and perhaps the photo-etched link and pin couplers. The trucks will also be available separately.

This is a shot of a prototype box car at Alexandria Yard awaiting repair. The model car is based on details visible in this shot. In examining photos of the USMRR cars ones finds many detail differences from car to car such as roof walks, truss rods, type of truck, door hardware, ladder style etc.


  1. Bernie,
    Have a great time. That's actually one of my favorite parts of Florida's east coast - and you will be in FEC territory if and when the railfanning bug strikes.

    FYI there used to be a great breakfast place in Rockledge in U.S. 1 (inland of A1A). It was in a refurbished IHOP - but their blueberry pancakes were true heaven in the AM.

    And if they are in season, I always recommednthe rock shrimp.

  2. Bernie,
    Great looking cars, think about a Confederate offering as well.

  3. Very nicely done, Bernie. That's a good looking car. I am intrigued by Charlie's comment... have you considered doing any Confederate (Rebel) rolling stock? Will you broach that in your blog and/or your layout, since the area you're modeling changed hands so many times? Rebel debris/leftovers for scenery? Hmmm...

  4. Change the decal and it could easily be a cornfederate car. They captured plenty from the union.