March 17, 2010

Drabant and Knuckleduster Miniatures

I was ordering some new supplies from one of my favorite ACW figure vendors, Military Miniatures Warehouse when I noticed they were carrying a new (at least to me) line of 40mm figures. The figures are from Drabant, a Russian firm, that has a wide variety of 40mm figures for 17th and 18th century wars. They also have a set of 8 ACW Union soldiers in a marching pose. The pose is not as warlike as most wargaming figures and will work well for a unit behind the lines in winter quarters. The Drabant's very nice website has photos of each figure from different views.

Military Miniatures Warehouse only has 6 of the 8 figures listed, so I ordered a batch of those and we'll see how they look. They are a bit pricy at $7.50 per figure.

I also found a US company, Knuckleduster Miniatures, that makes 40mm Old West figures that are suitable for O Scale ACW use. I ordered sets of his townsmen and women/children.

Some of his gun fighters may also be suitable with minor modifications. I like the sculpting of these as the figures have a leaner, more realistic look than most.


  1. I look at the gunfighters and I am thinking of Confederate guerrillas. . .

  2. Maybe, but probably not hanging around the Army of the Potomac.