April 29, 2010

Dinner and a Movie

We had a good work session tonight. Jeff and Christian Peck arrived first. Jeff went to work spiking track at Stoneman's Station. I fired up the Xbox 360 and Christian got busy with Modern Warfare 2.

Mark Anderson arrived and proceeded to fix the door to the garage, which I didn't even realize needed repairs. Then he teamed up with Marco to trim the bottom of the door to the work shop. Mark finished the door reversal, while Marco continued to work on the Aquia Harbor benchwork.

JD arrived and we took a break for "show and tell." I had ordered two prints from Brian Kammerer at CW Battle Art and we admired them. Everyone liked them though Alicia and the others really liked the Manassas scene. I think I like the Marshall House one better, so everyone is happy.

After that break JD worked on installing feeders. I went around with a drill and made the holes for the feeders. I marked them with toothpicks. JD prepared a set of wires and began installing them, with solder connections on the bottom of the rails. Red wire to the rear.

I worked on roadbed and gluing ties between Potomac Creek and Brook. It is ready for rail and spikes.

At 10PM we stopped work. We popped Brian Kammerer's DVD, "The Other Great Locomotive Chase" in the player and watched it. One idea inspired by the film that we agreed on was that I should add a balloon camp at Falmouth. The photos below show the balloon Intrepid at Yorktown and in the photo to the right the balloon camp at Falmouth in 1863. The balloon corps was disbanded later in 1863, but it was present in my time frame. That should be a fun and diverting project.

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