October 23, 2010

Ash Pits at Hanover Junction

According to Robert Schaffer the Hanover Branch Railroad had an ash pit at Hanover prior to the civil war. http://www.hanoverjunction.net/stories/Hanover_Branch.htm

The Hanover Branch Railroad facilities at Hanover Junction before the Civil War era were rather extensive. A hotel built by the railroad housed railroad office facilities. There was also a turntable, an ash pit, and various smaller buildings used for railroad activities. However, the Gettysburg Campaign of the Civil War brought Rebel soldiers to the area who were responsible for destruction by fire of the wooden bridge and all railroad facilities except the hotel building.
The Hanover Junction Valley Junction rails were removed during the period 1928 34, bringing the end of service to an area that was highly dependent on the railroad. And this was the "Hanover Branch Railroad."


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