February 5, 2011

Two More Yellow Pines

Two Yellow pines made from  natural
weeds and static grass
 I decided that the scene between the Picket Camp and Stonemans Station needed a little more visual separation.  After some thought, I decided that a couple trees would help separate the two scenes.  So I made some yellow pine trees and tried them in front of the stone wall to see how they would do. I used a natural weed that I found by the Metro station near my house. I added sprigs of Super-trees and flocked with static grass.  I added roots with Magic Sculpt, but they have not cured yet, so they still need to be painted. Since only two trees violate the principles of feng shui, I added a third tree as a large stump.

I think they are quite convincing and took less than an hour to make both.

While I had my iPhone camera out, I photographed the new sentry on guard duty at Clairborne Creek.  This figure is a finely executed  Drabant casting. He is very well sculpted, if not a bit buff and pumped up.  This soldier will be called Pvt Kammerer in honor of my friend Brian Kammerer who has been helping with the backdrops and providing guidance on all subjects, especially artistic related.

The creek bed is ready for the addition of some epoxy resin water.  That might happen this weekend. What color should I paint the creek bed? I think muddy brown might be appropriate.

BTW I was kidding about that feng shui stuff. But threes look better than twos. I have no idea why.

PVT Kammerer gets a good view of the structure of the trestle.
Is that enough tangled trees and shrubs for you, PVT Kammerer?

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