April 10, 2012

Installing the Carpenter's Shed

I installed the carpenter's shed and added a few other miscellaneous details to the Potomac Creek Station scene. It is almost done.

The table is completely laser cut with a pin for the vise handle.
Here are some close ups of the interior of the shed. The tools, work table, shelves and other details will soon be a new kit from Alkem Scale Models.
I plan to make a removable roof for the shed so the interior can be more easily seen.

Many soldiers died from disease while in camp. Reference photos and drawings show the grave sites surprisingly close to the camps. This Waud drawing of a graveyard near Stoneman's station was the inspiration.

Finally some trains in the pictures.  Here she is rounding the bend past the cemetery.

The figure on the left is an Artisa conversion. I changed his head and added the vest. The figure  on the right is an engine fireman by SMR. The background figure with the apron is a wild west shop keeper from Rabble UK.

It's getting there.

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  1. That's amazing work. Well done, well done...