August 9, 2012

Last spike... for now

No, not that kind of spike! However, while we are at it  congratulations are due to Kerri and Misty for their third Olympic Gold.

This is the kind of spike I meant. Over the past few weeks I have been driving spikes for 30 minutes to an hour each night. Tonight I finished all the spikes in the main room. There still is more spiking to do at Aquia, but that won't be for a while.

First version of the worm fence
I also did some more scenery work between Stoneman's Station and Potomac Creek. The layout here is a narrow shelf. There is a long stretch where an open field abuts the backdrop. At first I tried using grass and scenic material to disguise this interface. But upon reflection, I decided to add a fence to visually minimize it.

 I went with a worm type fence. At first I built it full size, but I decided to remove a few rails to make it appear further away and force the perspective.

I also added more layers of ground texture including some stumps, grass, ground leaves, twigs, and a few cedars.

A lone picket stands behind the  reduced height fence. He is a 28mm Renegade figure.

A train head north from Stoneman's past the new scenery.

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