March 4, 2013

Sterling Models Trees

AW and I were in Florida last weekend to try to find some warm weather and play golf. But alas, mother nature didn't cooperate and it was down right cold. Even the birds were confused.

We returned home to find a large box from Sterling Models in the mail. I had ordered three yellow pine trees from them in November. Sterling Models is a husband and wife team that make trees and other scenery  items. They have a long backlog, so the trees just arrived nearly 5 months after I ordered them.

I was extremely impressed with the packaging. The trees were individually packed in custom fitted tubes with detailed instructions for unpacking, which included pulling a lanyard to pop certain glue joints. Very cool.

I temporarily placed the trees on the layout to see how they look.

I plan to order more. They are not inexpensive, but they do look good and save me a lot of time. I placed an order for 8 more.


  1. Very impressive...VERY impressive!


  2. I loved your seagull photo and caption!


  3. Like those pines and appreciate this blog, thanks!