April 8, 2013

Don't have a cow!

But bull oxen are ok.  I assembled and painted two  40mm scale oxen from Trident Designs. They are nice castings and they painted up pretty easily using primarily my airbrush. They work out to be fairly large oxen in 1/48th scale. These, along with a few others,  are destined to pull a heavy wagon on the layout, but for now they are cavorting in the paddock near the water mill.

I've been using my airbrush and Vallejo paints a lot lately. I had been thinking about getting them better organized. So today I made two racks to hold them. I laser cut 1/8th inch plywood for most of the parts and glued them with yellow glue. I used some strip wood to stiffen the rack.  The bottles fit snug, so I can pick up the  racks and move them when I need them without the paints falling out. One rack holds airbrush paint, while the other hold brush paints.

While the two projects above were fun, the majority of my modeling time this weekend was spent building a pilot model of HO Scale coal dock based on the prototype at Thurmond, WV. I am evaluating whether this should be a kit.  This image shows it with all the photo etch parts assembled. Still a few more parts to add, then paint. 

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