December 20, 2013

Capturing Clervaux Diorama

This is a massive diorama project executed in 1/35 scale by a single individual. It is comparable to a large model railroad project but  without the trains. I have ordered his books, but they haven't arrived yet. His web site gives a pretty good idea of the scope and detail of the project.  It is worth a look.

Before I started the 1/48th scale ACW RR project, I seriously considered building my ACW RR in 1/32nd scale. It would have been to Gauge 1 standards. 

To get started I  had a copy of the Andreas Models General locomotive. It was a highly detailed static model of the engine. I also started to collect 1/32 wheel sets and other items. This effort was cut short when Dave at SMR trains introduced his line of locomotives. So I sold the 1/32nd locomotive model to a fellow in Brazil via ebay.  

I do miss the beautiful 1/32nd scale figures that are available in that scale.  Can you imagine the Potomac Creek bridge in Gauge 1!  

Did I make the right decision?


  1. Yes, you made the right decision.

  2. You've convinced me the answer is no! So fire up the laser!!!

    I think you should tear the layout down, take what ever is left over to the dump, and start all over again. Tonight if possible and certainly by no later than tomorrow morning. Worst case scenario we start next week and have a new layout completed by Easter. Or April 1st. I just need to buy a Gauge 1 track laying gauge... And a sledge hammer so we can make bigger holes in your basement walls for larger tunnel portals. I can't wait!!!


    Gerard J. Fitzgerald
    Charlottesville, Virginia

    1. Do I detect a note of sarcasm? ;)