April 17, 2014

Accokeek Creek Scenery Part 2

Scenery work on Accokeek continues.  I filled in the woods behind the pines and extend the fence. I also muted the contrast of the pine needles under pine trees and the grass.


  1. Superb work as always, Bernie. I too am working on trees. It's amazing how many are required for even a small patch of land on a layout...
    - Trevor

  2. Thanks.

    Yes, trees in the larger scales are a time consuming task. I cheated and had Sterling Models make the pine trees. They look good, but don't quite capture the southern short leaf and loblolly pines I need for my layout. I suspect I may have to go back at a later date and replace the pine trees.

    Next for this scene are some wire deciduous trees in front of the simple weed trees.

    Painting bare trees on the backdrop in the same style as the modeled trees is a good way to extend the forest without having to build trees. It also helps convey depth to the scene.

    1. Bernie, I totally agree with you. Your scenery work looks great. A friend of mine is busy to make the kind of trees you need. I'll keep you posted on that.

      Again, thank you for the inspiring work, I think I will start a ACW layout in H0 very soon!

      Greetz, Ronald.