August 15, 2015

Interior Decorating for the Model Railroader

 No, that is not the name of my next book, but today my mom and I got some fabric to make throw cushions for the train layout room. You got to let the interior designer out of the model railroader every now and then. Since this layout is in the media room/crew lounge, we have to make sure our crews are comfy.

Mom will make the throw pillows from this fabric.

Meanwhile, I painted the benchwork with a new color, a light pale yellow, or should I say ecru.

I also cut in the basin for the water area of the layout. Next step is to get the boat cut down at the waterline.

The white slip of paper is a mock of the the three lane Fries Ave grade crossing.

John Drye and his niece, Sara Spencer, stopped by to visit the layout and eat some of mom's meatballs and pasta.

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