November 16, 2015

PoLA Op Session 2.5

Sunday Gerry Fitzgerald took a break from writing books about WWI and biological weapons to visit the Aquia line and PoLA.  I put him to work doing a test op session on PoLA.

I set him up with a mixed train in staging. He brought the train out of the staging in the closet (no, I did not say Gerry came out of the closet). He worked the sidings. He must have been having a good time  because he didn't bother me for at least an hour and I did not hear any cars hit the floor.

Afterwards, he said, "that was fun. I can't think of anything to change." But that was not true, his experience as the LSIG editor came through, and he thought of something. Later in the evening he started lobbying for an extension of the layout at the Borax factory to allow better operator access to the siding there. I had actually contemplated that myself, that is why I never added a fascia piece to the layout at that end.  We shall see how the time line goes, but the change is not needed for the book.

He also gently nagged me to get the Aquia Line in operation. All in good time, young grasshopper. All in good time.

While he was playing, I mean testing, I worked on the Pier 181 shed. It is nearly completed. Next is the monitor roof, and then the signs, lights and details. This building has a lot of clutter and detail around it, so it should make an interesting structure.

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