February 15, 2017

Piling On

Over the past few nights I was able to get almost all the pilings and piling caps to the wharf at Aquia Landing installed.

In the photo you can see the spacer brackets I made to hold the pilings and piling caps in place while the glue dried. The stringers are not glued in yet, they are just temporarily in place.

 I may enlarge the wider area of the wharf to better accommodate the paddle wheel steamer, which you an see mocked up here on the left.

I am trying to decide what the next step should be. I might pour the water next. That way if I have a problem with the resin, I can access the area under the wharf deck. In the worst case, I can scrape it off and try again. Once the deck is installed, there will be limited access underneath it.  Stay tuned!


  1. I'd email Troels Kirk as he had exactly the same problem on the Coast Line.

    1. I have looked at Troels' work. I don't believe he used pourable resin.

    2. Good point. I think he uses some kind of sculpting medium.