April 25, 2018


I have reached GICOD*. Prorail 2018 officially starts Friday, but I will be having some visitors tomorrow. So it's time to stop working on the layout and prepare for 4 days of back-to-back op sessions

I installed the small shack next to the Provost Marshal building. The actual PM building is not permanently glued down yet, as I plan to add interior detail to the top floor.

I also added a couple building flats to the rear wall including two warehouses and sutler's row.

 The large brick warehouse was actually pretty simple. The small shack took almost as long to make as it did.

Brick Warehouse building flat

The passenger track next to the Provost Marshal has some scenery now
Madame Violets Fruit and Oyster House
I  added a sutler's row to the back wall.  Two of these buildings are recycled from the McCook's Landing layout, but they work well as flats on the layout here.  The Post Office is based on a prototype in Cairo, IL, while the Graham building was in Chattanooga.

I know there was a restaurant at Aquia Landing, but I don't know what  the name of it was, or what it looked like. So I borrowed ideas from several sources. The building is similar to one in Chattanooga, the "Fruit and Oyster House" name came from an actual sutler restaurant near Petersburg, VA. The "Madame Violet" borrows from a 19th century restaurant in New York, but I used my mom's name instead, since she loves to cook for  my crew.

Another milestone achieved was that I finished all the ballasting of track. That was a big job.

Check back in 5 days to see if I am still sane, which assumes I was sane at the start.

* " GICOD"  = Good Idea Cut Off Date.

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