June 9, 2009

New DCC system

This weekend marked the delivery of a new DCC system for the model railroad. Several local modelers decided to join forces and make a bulk purchase of the CVP Easy DCC system. I got a wireless starter package plus two addtional radio throttles, for a total of 3. I haven't had a chance to try it out yet as I am still working on the steel mill modeling book, but I am itching to give it a spin. I have used Easy DCC in the past at other layouts and it is, well - easy! This is especially true compared to my current 14 year old Digitrax system with its arcane buttom mashing. I know, the newer Digitrax systems are simpler, but after trying several systems out, I liked the Easy DCC best. Since there are now three other layouts in our area with Easy DCC, we can use our throttles at each other's layout.

Next step is to install some sound decoders in the locomotives.

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