June 29, 2009

Three Trees

At last work can resume on the layout. The Steel Mill modeling book is done and submitted to the publisher. You can find some sneak peek photos by clicking here.

I tried playing with some trees tonight. The photo shows three different construction techniques. All three have hand carved balsa trucks. The left tree uses denuded baby's breath (gypsophila), the middle tree is supposed to be an oak that has not shed all its leaves. It uses wire armatures and Silfor fall leaf netting. Looks like the trunk needs some lightening. The right hand tree uses denuded Caspia branches. These are deciduous trees. I plan to try a loblolly pine next.

I was pleased that even just three trees have "presence."

One other thing to note, this is the tightest curve on the layout. Things run pretty well around it, though pushing cars with the extending link on the front of the loco can cause problems. We'll have to address that issue in the timetable special instructions.

1 comment:

  1. Looks good.. have you considered trying something like Scenic Express is selling now with mixing a sage (or equiv o-scale thing..) bottom with smaller material like super-tree on top?