September 19, 2010

ACWRR Historical Society 2010 Annual Meeting

Left to Right Ron Beavers, Paul Dobbs, William Shirey,
Stephen Borona, DC Cebula visiting the layout.
This weekend saw the ACWRRHS Annual meeting in Alexandria, VA. The meeting kicked off with an introduction by Jon Vrana and Reene Linder. Then I and Ron Beavers presented talks. My talk was a variation of my Introduction to Railroads of the Civil War presentation while Ron discussed the sites they group would visit on Saturday.

Marty Guirk and Thom Radice look for a photo of
Chattanooga on  the Library of Congress website using a
computer  at the Alkem Scale  Models World Headquarters
 On Saturday Ron lead the group around sites in Alexandria including the Lyceum, where my car float model is on display, and  Fort Ward, one of my favorite spots in Alexandria.  Mitch Oldham could not hook up with the group, but stopped by the layout for an early tour. Mitch is a "local" from Warrenton, VA and is planning an O Scale layout in his 1400 sq ft basement. He used to have a model RR business selling DCC components, He expressed an interest in attending future work session. We can always use a wiring guru.

After Ft Ward, the group visited my layout. Marty McGuirk came by early to help out and answer questions. Over 22 people visited the layout. While at the house, we had a pizza and salad  dinner capped off with Alicia's  double chocolate brownies.

 Later that night Dave Schneider of SMR Trains presented a fascinating talk about some research he did on General Lee's armored rail gun. He also gave a copy of a Ron Hatch poster print depicting a scene from the Great Locomotive Chase to all attendees.  DC gave a talk about his collection of railroad research.

On Sunday the group will headed out on the O&A RR (now Norfolk Southern) to see historic sites along that famous line.  It has been a great time. Thanks to everyone for coming.

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