March 9, 2013

As the table turns

The turntable for the road show is nearly done. I completed the pit and the bridge. Once the glue holding the pit in place dries, I'll be able to spike in the rail and finish up the track on the road show.


  1. Do you have any photos of a elevated log frame Civil War turntable?

  2. No, none that I can think of. Where did you come across one?

    1. i have a photo of one how do i post pictures here

  3. Jeff,
    I don't think you can post pictures to the comments. You can email it to me, and I can post it for you.

  4. Bernie what is your email? Mine is

  5. Try info at alkemscalemodels dot com

  6. A couple of questions:
    1) Is there a name for this particular early period turntable design?
    2) Did you work from a set of plans or blueprints?

    I have been trying to find out more information on the turntable but haven't had much success.

    Paul McCulloch

  7. I don't know the name of this turntable, or even if it had a special name.

    I worked off photos and drew my own plans.

  8. Thank you for the info... I've been scouring online sites for information on turn-of-the-century turntables without a lot of success. I have found references to a few articles that have been written in various publications over the years, but getting access to them is difficult. I am surprised that there hasn't been any books or other publications written that describe the history and development of railway turntables - perhaps this has been done, but I haven't found any references to date.