March 26, 2013

Road Show Track Plan Update

Here is an updated track plan reflecting the as-built track configuration. Some of the structres have been modified from the original plan. The QMD Clinch has been delayed indefinitely due to personal issues, so we will replace it with a barge loaded with forage and other supplies. We will leave a space for the QMD Clinch if it can be built later.

I added a small wharf at the far left. This is intended to help disguise the joint where the  river intersects the left hand backdrop. But, I am concerned that in all the photos I have seen of western rivers,  I have not seen any pictures of a wharf on the river.

If anyone has ideas on how to better treat that area, I am I open to suggestions.

I added the doors and roof to the depot. I still need to add the shingles, chimneys and the platform.

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