March 24, 2013

Running to the Road Show Depot

Before the run
It was a very early wake up, and a chilly morning for Steve Greene, about 700 others and I,  as we ran the Reston Half-Marathon (others did the full marathon). Steve is a KS fraternity brother from MIT.  He and I had never run a half marathon before, but we both did pretty well -  for two ancient Frat Boyz. I met my personal goal of running it under 2:00 hours, even with the hilly course (about 800 feet of vertical gain).

I was tired this afternoon from the run, so I worked on building the depot for the road show (which involved lots of sitting).  I used the depot at Cairo as inspiration.

I went with painted walls as I was getting tired of raw stained wood on most of the other structures.

I painted the laser cut interior  framing with khaki paint. Most of the interior will not be visible once the building is installed, but I will add some details that might be visible through an open door or window.  Speaking of windows, these  are Tichy parts that now come with very nice laser cut acetate glazing that fits perfectly.
The depot will be a half-flat against the backdrop. Most of the structures will be like this.

Interior structure will be largely invisible

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