March 27, 2013

So that's what barn red looks like!?

I fired up the laser tonight to cut some of the parts for the engine house. I decided to go with a single stall house. I used the engine house at City Point as a guide, but obviously with two less stalls, and only one engine deep. I laser cut the frames from my usual 1/8th inch aspen plywood. I also used some 1/4 inch stock for foundation beams, and some 1/16 basswood for the vents in the roof top monitor.  I painted the laser cut frames various shades of tan and khaki to disguise the laser burn marks.

Then I cut some sheets of scribed board and batten basswood  for the siding. They went on fairly easily. So I decided to give the siding a shot of Mt Albert Barn Red alcohol stain. I had purchased this  a few years ago and never had an opportunity to use it. I thought it could work on this building.  After brushing it on, I was not happy how it came out. First, I had some glue stains on the siding that prevented even absorption. It also accentuated the grain across several boards, and thus one could tell this was scribed siding and not individual boards. So I got out the airbrush and hit the siding with thin coats of Vallejo Hull Red, Black Grey, Black and Sand. I think I'll let it dry over night and see how it looks.

I may have to repaint it if it doesn't lighten a bit overnight as the alcohol dye evaporates. This photo by Paul Ward shows a barn with a red finish similar to the paint job I ended up getting. Looks like some gray drybrushing might help my model. But  the black air brushed stains look alike.

By the way, if you haven't try Vallejo airbrush paint, you should. It is the best air brush paint I have tried. The best feature is that it doesn't clog the air brush, plus it dries flat and covers well.

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  1. I am amazed by how quickly you get things done Bernie! I need an engine house for my Grimstad Line, but I've procrastinated the project for several years now :)