September 25, 2015

Drawing Danica

Tim showing his artwork while AW looks on.

The original Danica photo
Timothy Harrison, co-host of the Model Railcast Show, stopped by the house tonight on his way to the MARPM. Tim brought the pencil artwork he did based on a picture of my daughter, Danica. The photo was from one of Danica's photo shoots. Danica is probably the only fashion model in the world that also has a model railroad article by-line. She wrote an article for N Scale Railroading several years ago.

Tim posted a video of the drawing being made here.

Danica working on the wire trees for an apple orchard on my former N Scale layout. She wrote an article
about it for N Scale Railroading.

Train Bulletin salvaged from McCooks Landing. It should work out temporarily
 on the  Aquia line, though my trains run north south not east west. The chalk marks are
the operators from the Atlanta 2013 NMRA meet.

Afterwards, Tim got an introduction to the layout and had a chance to run a train both as a conductor and as an engineer.
Time taking engine Fury north (east) from
Falmouth with work at Potomac Creek and Brooke.
The layout is getting real close to being able to host operating sessions. It is just a matter of adding some staging and building a few more cars.

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