September 26, 2015

MARPM Weekend

Bollinger's diorama as a work in progress

Lance Mindheim is admiring Jim Lincoln's P48 models.
I could see wheels turning in Lance's mind, perhaps
 Lance's next project?

This morning Paul Dolkos and I drove to the MARPM in Falmouth, VA in the Alkemobile.

Paul presented a talk about the amazing variety of railroad action in Virginia. He showed an incredible assortment of Kodachrome slides from numerous locations in Virginia. They dated from just after WWII to the end of steam. The slides were amazing, even if  the projection system at the hotel was not so good.

I did my talk on getting published. It seemed to go well.

As usual in an RPM, it was fun to meet everyone and talk model trains. Norm and crew did a nice job.

Brian and Jill visiting the Aquia Line.
 Later that evening Brian and Jill Bollinger from BEST Trains visited our house to show the diorama he built for the museum and to see my layout. They are on the way to South Carolina to deliver the diorama.

We had a great time comparing notes. Alicia even made some brownies to sustain us.

Brian did not bring in the complete diorama, but he did show us the bridge he built. As you can see in the picture, it is a big model. Very nicely done. There are thousands on NBWs on the bridge. He had high school kids help install them.

Brian showing the bridge for the diorama. He will do the final
assembly when he gets to the museum.

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  1. Thanks for all your assistance and support Bernie!
    Wow! That bridge is great work, Brian!