September 9, 2015

Test Photos at Brooke

Engine Fury takes water at Brooke.
I added the loading platforms to the Tobacco Prizery tonight. I also made some station signs for the fascia.

I thought I would take a few test photos with my DLSR to see how the scene looks. It is almost done.

Engine McCallum is working the siding at Brooke

The saw mill is very close to the edge of the layout

Close up of the boiler. Not the engraved rivet detail on the backhead.

New station signs on the fascia- they are laser engraved and cut.
The next question is, should I paint a sign on the factory similar to this one in Danville, VA?


  1. I love looking at your work and it's very rarely I feel I can add anything useful. This is a rare occasion!
    I'm puzzled by the layout of the saw table (if that's the right word) I can see a log being loaded and I can see a stack of sawn timber behind the steam engine. But I'm puzzled by the saw blade itself because it looks to be round the wrong way round. Unless the sawn timber comes off at the same end as the logs are loaded, in which case why have they carried it so far to stack it?
    I'd also expect grease and water spillage around the steam engine. Colin.

    1. You were not supposed to notice that! :)

  2. That made me chuckle. I've worked with bench saws, and got the scar tissue to prove it. Hopefully most won't notice.

    1. I do plan to revise the saw and carriage. I need to add the pulleys, cable and drum that propel the carriage. While I'm at it I reverse the blade and add a bit more detail.