July 4, 2016

Bespoke bunker barge build

Bing Birds Eye view showing bunker barges at Pier 181

Damen Bunker Barge
Most of the satellite and aerial views of Pier 181 in PoLA show bunker barges tied up to the wharf. Bunker barges are oil barges that refuel large ships. I decided to build one for the layout as it was a easy model to scratch build.
The model before detailing and weathering
I found a set of plans on line for a Damen Bunker Barge. These barges can be over 300 feet long. The Damen barge was too large for my space, so I shortened and modified it somewhat. I also incorporated some features I saw in other barges, for example the stairs over the central pipes. They were left over from the Walthers Oil tanks kits. 
A prototype oil barge with tug
The barge model is almost done except for some minor details and weathering.

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