March 9, 2017

Dual (Dueling?) Op Sessions

PoLA Switch List
Tonight Paul Dolkos, Mat Thompson and Pete LaGuardia arrived to operate the layouts. I had two trains ready to go on PoLa and two on the Aquia Line layouts. For some unknown reason, they all wanted to operate PoLA. In the end Pete and Mat took PoLA, while Paul and I ran the Aquia Line.

In a way Paul was lucky as he helped make history. We ran Train 11 out of Aquia - the first official train from Aquia. It was a 4 car train with engine Haupt for power. It had set outs at Brooke, Stonemans and Falmouth. We then swapped engines and took Train 12 with engine McCallum and 8 cars back to Aquia. It had a set out at Potomac Creek.

Switch list for train 11
Meanwhile, Mat and Pete were busy with PoLA. They had 11 cars inbound and 14 outbound cars. There was also an off spot car that they had to spot at the Borax silos.  While they were working the PHL 30 job, Paul brought out a cut of flat cars with Army vehicles for Chase Marine Terminal. This resulted in a meet between the two trains in from of Pier Shed 181. Another first for the layout.

All in all it was a fun night.


  1. That is quite a "compare and contrast" situation. Awesome railroading!

  2. Fantastic! Love them both. I understand how hard it is to choose! P

  3. your RR's are superb! You don't miss a thing and the trains operate beautifully. :)

  4. Nice, enjoyed the video. Nice to see operations in action like this. Thanks for posting!

  5. I envy your crew members. Congratulations!

    Bill Decker

  6. Great concept, great modeling, and a great video! Love the "look" of your switchlists. Thanks for sharing!!