March 25, 2017

Meanwhile....check this out

I just started a new project for the Lyceum,  a model for their WWI commemorative display. It is on a short deadline, so I have to get moving on it.

So while I am distracted working no that, check out this cool model from Ocre out of Spain. They actually have kits for both the Jupiter and the Rogers 119. Both of the locos that were at the transcontinental golden spike.

These kits are 1/32nd scale. They utilize mixed media, including a steel chassis. They are normally intended as static kits. Some folks on the internet say there are motorization kits for them, though I have not been able to find those motor kits.

This locomotive models have been out for about 2 years now, but this is the first I have heard of them. They are actually reasonably priced too.

They are perfect to haul around my 1/32nd scale Dictator and Lee-Brooke Gun.

Ocre has a short video showing some of the construction with Pink Floyd soundtrack.

Benny Modelbau has a video series showing unboxing and construction.


  1. This may be the motorization kit.

  2. The above link is, I think, a motorisation kit for the tender of The Rocket and Der Adler engines. Think this is the one for 119 and Jupiter.

    Though there may be a difference between a motorisation kit that allows the loco to move and what's needed for it to do any useful work.