January 31, 2019

Yet another track plan

I started my last post by saying I don't really like double deck layouts. It's true, the double deck plan I drew just didn't work for me. So I started sketching more ideas.

This one goes back to an earlier idea I had that involves relocating Aquia Landing. The neat thing about this plan is that I can use my existing wharf. I would have to trim the water area to fit, and install some water at the far right. But I would not have to rebuild the main wharf and car flat ramp.
The other key feature that I need to maintain is a crew rest area. I moved it from the main room to the front room. I omitted the large infantry camp diorama once planned for the former location of Falmouth and installed the couch there. The TV would be mounted on the far wall between  Battery Schaefer and the new tunnel.

 By moving the crew area there, I freed up the main room for a large peninsula. This would house a new Stoneman's Station and Falmouth. I tried to maximize the aisle between Falmouth and Aquia Landing as there would frequently be two crews operating in that aisle together, though the Aquia Landing Crew has other areas they need to work too.

The plan has the longest main line run of all the single deck plans I looked at. It would be about 180 feet. More importantly,  all stations have double ended passing sidings. All are long enough for 10 car trains except Brooke.  Falmouth has facing and trailing point sidings, making switching a little bit tricky. 

The central peninsula would probably not have have a sky board. It would rely on a ridge line that runs down the center and trees along the top to act as view blocks.  The top of the ridge would range from 62 to 68 inches high. Trees on top would bring it above my eye level. 

Burnsides Wharf doesn't need to be built right away, or at all. The set-up track can fulfill some, but not all,  of the switching chores for the actual wharf.  Getting to Burnside's Wharf would require cutting a hole in a door that is semi-permanently closed.  I can't remove the door without taking down the sky board. This plan preserves that sky board as I like how it came out whenI painted it.

This plan also leaves open the option for a rebuild of Potomac Creek to a full size bridge, but it is an option and not required. 


  1. I think this one is your best one yet. A nice long mainline run is what your trains really need. Otherwise, with O scale even at 5mph it doesn't take long to get from A to B.

  2. I like this better then the two level plan. Charlie

  3. Sounds like it's time for the Layout Design Digital Decision Making Tool to make a reappearance.