Latest Track Plans

As currently built

Click in separate tab to see full size. This plan shows the current layout and a possible expansion on the lower right. That expansion wold move Falmouth where it currently is in the upper room, to the crew lounge area.

Alternate History Scenario expands the layout to Fredericksburg instead of Falmouth

V28d with longer mainline and additional station at the expense of the Aquia Landing wye, limited Burnside Wharf switching and smaller crew lounge


  1. What software are you using to create your track plans?

  2. Adobe illustrator and photoshop

  3. Thanks. They look great.

  4. Recently I was looking through old magazine articles and saw your article on the C&O Mountain subdivision modules. Do the modules still exist? If so, have they been expanded?

    Also, could you provide me insight into the relative positions of the C&O and N&W depots in Waynesboro, VA? When I look at google maps, it looks like the N&W depot would be in the middle of Commerce Street. Any insight would be appreciated.