February 6, 2009

Aquia Line had 3 engines and 60 cars...

On 22 May 1864, the day repairs on the Aquia Railway were complete, Brigadier J.J, Abercrombie telegraphed General Grant asking for orders with regard to the Aquia line apparently after being ordered to abandon it. He also reported that he had 3 engines and 60 cars on the railroad.  That's not much more than I expect to have. I think in 1863 that there may have been more. 
Brig. Gen J.J. Abercrombie 

MAY 22, 1864-8.30 p. m.Lieutenant-General GRANT:This p. m. the telegraphic communication was interrupted between here and your headquarters. Men have been sent mend the wires. I have your order to abandon this place and go to Port Royal. Am I to draw in all guards of Aquia railroad, telegraph, and road to Fredericksburg? What disposition am I to make of six batteries of Reserve Artillery from Army of the Potomac encamped here? I will send everything off as fast as possible, and will leave here as soon as the rebel prisoners are shipped. Is it intended by your order the garrison of Belle Plain should march by way of Fredericksburg, or direct from here to Port Royal? There are there (sic) engines and sixty cars now on the Aquia and Fredericksburg Railroad. One hundred and fifty bales of straw are here that can be used in the sixty cars for wounded.

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