February 26, 2009

Two new photos of Stonemans Station surface

Two new photos of Stoneman's Station have come to my attention. The first is from an article, "The Telegraph Goes to War" by Thomas Jepsen, in the Nov-Dec 1991 issue of Civil War magazine.  The caption reads.
"The small but busy Federal at Stoneman's Station, Virginia, was linked to other station and the army by a telegraph in the quartermaster's office. The key operator stands on the platform, ready to send or relay dispatches along the wire. Photo courtesy of Western Reserve Historical Society."
The remarkable thing about this photo is it shows a conductors car converted to a telegrapher's office. This is the first picture from the ACW that I am aware of that shows this kind of alternative use of a railroad car.

The second photo also shows Stoneman's Station. The terrain and tracks don't match exactly, but we will take the caption at face value. The photo came from Lee Rainey via the Civil War Railroad Yahoo Group.


  1. Do you have any images of the Railroad bridge across the Rappahannock River in front of Fredericksburg, Va.?

  2. There is one famous photo showing the destroyed bridge. I think there have been some pencil drawings of the RR bridge, but I can't think of any photos.