May 7, 2010

Pizza -It's everywhere!

We had another successful work session on Thursday May 6th. The evening began with pizza, lots of it. I made two kinds and Jeff brought two more. I also made some Chinese Cole Slaw for the crew to add some veggie content.

Once fed, the crew moved to the layout room for work.

Doug spiked rail. Marco soldered feeders.

Jeff painted the walls in the harbor area base blue. Christian worked Call of Duty Modern Warfare again. Lots of bad guys bit the dust.

Mark ran feeder bus wires under the harbor area. Then he finished the bench work on the west end. (Nice shirt!)

I continued to glue ties in the Brook siding area with supervision by Doug and Marco. The 30 inch radius curves and easements really take their toll on siding lengths. I need to order some more switch stands so we can finish laying the track.

Meanwhile, AW was making coconut macaroons with chocolate chips - a specialty cookie of hers. Very yummy.

We quit about 10:15PM.

Thanks guys. This is keeping the momentum up.

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