May 28, 2010

Work Session May 27, 2010

Stormy, hot and muggy 90+ degree weather could not suppress the track gangs as we had another successful work session. Paul Dolkos, John Drye, Doug Gurin, Mark Anderson and newcomer Joel Salmons participated.

After a simple dinner of greek salad and pizza we had a brief show and tell as Joel showed us his N Scale ACW engine and freight cars. Here they are posed on a 28 ft flat car.

"So where do you want the toy train delivered, sir?"

We hooked up a power pack to a section of my former N Scale Tennessee Pass layout and test ran the engines. It ran a little bit better than my version of of the original Bachman 4-4-0, but still a bit dicey. Note Brian's Marshall House Print on the wall.

Joel wants to try making some N Scale wood beam trucks and he will enlist his son's help to do the art work. We'll try to cut them on the laser if it can be made to work.

Meantime, Paul laid track at the far end of Brook.

JD started gluing in cardboard formers to the terrain on the north side of Potomac Creek. Joel helped cut the cardboard strips.

Doug continued spiking rail at Stonemans Station.

Mark installed the fascia at Aquia Harbor.

I glued ties all through the Brook area including the tricky turn out area. With a three day weekend coming up, it's time to get some track down.

All in all a good session. Thanks guys.


  1. I would really appreciate this article for sharing this information of work session.

  2. Wish I could have been there, but it was the Boss' Birthday dinner and that seemed to be something I should be at! ;o)

    Lookin' real good Bernie.

  3. Bernie you and your crew are creating such the museum quality layout. It is both pleasurable and angst provoking viewing the artistry. You set the proverbial bar extremely high, but offering terrific motivation and inspiration. A few articles will go a long way to promoting this era for model railroading. Great work!


  4. What's this? N scale wood-beam trucks? We need to talk. My wife and I are modeling 1850s B&O and desperately need some N scale wood-beam trucks.

    Shawn and Sally Harrison
    El Lago, Texas
    - Modeling 1850s B&O