October 28, 2010

Expanded Track Plan?

I have been looking at some ideas to expand the Aquia Landing area of the layout. The objective is to  better model this busy harbor. I am concerned that the current design is just too cramped. After looking at possible options (see earlier track plans posted here and here), I think the attached plan captures several key features of the prototype location, such as the wye, two piers, room for several large ships and space for some of the many structures that the USMRR built.

This expansion will require remodeling some of the existing walls. I am exploring the cost and feasibility of this. I had a general contractor look at it tonight and he believes there are no technical issues, such as HVAC or structural. 

The large space to the right is the HDTV room. The opening in the wall at the bottom is the door to my home office.

PS -  bonjour √† tous les visiteurs de France!


  1. This one does look good! No need for another turntable with the wye is also a plus. Hopefully the remodeling is feasible.

  2. Bernie:

    Of all the impressive things being done here, your ability to get authority to expand into the rest of the house awes me the most!;)

    Is that you in the latest Great Model Railroads? More terrific modeling!


  3. Yes, that was my N Scale layout in GMR 2011.

    As to expansion - CINCHOUSE (AKA my wife) has final say on most things, but when it comes to the man cave, she defers to me. Her only comment was that I make sure I hire a good contractor that will do a good job.

    Marty has suggested that I not build the new wall, but that just removing the closet walls would be sufficient. I like the idea of screening the TV room off from the layout, but saving money by not building a new wall is good too. So will get estimates for both ideas.

  4. Great looking layout. Are 30" radius and #6 turnouts your minimums? Do you use a particular software to help draw the layout?

  5. I used a 36 inch radius on the wye track and number 5 turnouts. I use Adobe Illustrator with Rick Johnson's Trackplan plug- in to draw the plans.