October 25, 2010

Final installation of the Easy DCC Command Module

The EasyDCC system has a command module that includes a nice control panel. You need to access this panel to program decoders. At first I considered installing it below the benchwork, since the high tech electronic design did not fit my 19th century esthetic.  But the need to program the sound decoders lead me to opt for usability over esthetics. So I installed the command module on the fascia at the far end of the layout. This will hopefully allow good radio signal coverage. It is where I have the wireless transceiver now.

I cut the appropriate size hole in the fascia with the saber saw. I had to reinforce the benchwork holding the fascia as some of the supports were cut away in this process.

I built a shelf for the programming track. The shelf is 18 inches long and 3 inches wide. The track is a section of Atlas code 125 flex track, unweathered and with electrical leads soldered to the bottom
of the rails.  The hidden wires go through the fascia and into the command module.

Most decoder functions can be programmed on the mainline, but the EasyDCC recommends using the programming track for initially setting decoder address. So it will probably be rarely used as a programming track. When not used as a programming track, operators can use the shelf to hold paper work, or other small items.

Because I was concerned that a loco could fall off the shelf due to clumsiness or other calamity, I added a 0.22 inch think laser cut acrylic protective panel along the front edge.

Now I just have to make sure I don't get scenery materials or paint in the module.

1 comment:

  1. Nice looking install, Bernie... I need you over with your saber saw to help with my plug-in panels; I am not useing a Coping saw ever again for this!
    Can you show a pix of what it looks like, from further back?