October 21, 2010

Reconfiguring Falmouth Engine Terminal

I built a tool shed structure for Falmouth. This structure is based on a building at City Point, VA as I don't have any photos of the actual facility at Falmouth.

The structure is a laser cut core from 1/8th inch plywood with Mt Albert Board and Batten siding applied. The window and door are Tichy parts. The roof beams, rafters, purlins and joists are strip wood, but I didn't detail them because they can not be seen.

I originally was going to add battens to the roof, but the photos at City Point show a double layered type roof using overlapping planks and not battens. I may retrofit another set of planks over these to simulate that, but I like the look of this roof. The chimney is a piece of brass tube with a small section soldered on top to make a smoke jack.

Initially I had planned to put the tool shed between the back storage track and mainline curve. The idea was that the building would hide some of the sharp curve.  The problem was that the building just barely fit in that spot.  Furthermore, that spot is where a safety track for the turntable lead would reside. The safety track would be a short section of track that would prevent engines that overshoot the turntable from going in the pit.

So I decided to move the building to the location shown in the photo.  In this spot the building still provides a view block function, but it looks like a more balanced composition. I had to shorten one of the storage tracks to make room for it. Instead of engines, this track will be used to store spare wheel sets and trucks.  General Haupt is standing at the site of the new safety track.   I still plan a few more smaller sheds and lots of details for this area, but it is coming along.

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  1. Bernie,

    The raw wood weathering of the shed looks spot on!