December 13, 2010

Perry, Renedra and TA Miniatures (1/56th scale)

Thanks to Brian Kammerer's tip, I started hunting around the web and discovered that a couple of related UK firms are releasing a broad range of 28mm (they also call them 1/56 scale) figures and accessories. The exact relationship of the firms is not clear to me but they seem to share sculpting from the Perry brothers and Tim Adcock. The lines include artillery, limbers, caissons, forges, ambulances and camp scenes.  These figures will be smaller than my 1/48th and 1/43rd figures, but the variety is great.

Camp Scene from Renedra (TA) Miniatures. They
offer tents and several figure poses.
I ordered a batch of camp scenes sets from Renedra Miniatures (though the URL takes you to TA Miniatures) for evaluation. These sets includes tents, camp furniture and figures in off-duty relaxed poses. I have several scenes where smaller figures can be used as background for forced perspective, so I am hoping these work out.

Check out these links:

Perry Miniatures

Renedra Minatures

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