December 15, 2010

Primed and Ready

I got a chance to paint the first coat of primer on the new backdrop tonight after doing some Christmas shopping. The primer revealed a couple places where a touch of more spackle will be needed, but overall I am pleased with the job of feathering the mud into the 1/8th inch thick hardboard.  It won't be long before I can start painting the new backdrop scene.

Primed sky board. Note the cardboard mock-up of the engine house down at the future site of the wye.
The peninsula is 14 feet long.

Here is a study for a potential sky treatment for the new backdrop.  I drew this in Photoshop.  I only added the sky, clouds, river and far shore. The final backdrop will  have ships, boats and some other detail. I think the dark cloud will work in perspective from most of the likely photo angles.  What do you think?
Photoshop study of a potential backdrop sky treatment. From this angle the recessed room light looks a little like the sun.

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  1. That is pretty special. You must be in heaven with all that space. You'll be building forever my friend. ~Jim