August 1, 2011

Tool Shed

The tool shed has a home. I added a removable roof to make the interior detailing more obvious. I also added a second window to let in more light. I think it fits in pretty well in this spot. I had to move one of the chevaux de frise to make room for the building. For the bare spot in front, I added a detail of soldiers heading to guard posts along the entrenchments.

The figures have small 0.032 inch pins in their feet, so they are easy to move around for different views.
Note the  artillery men in the background are now in their final positions. They do not have pins.
They are just glued down.

Overview of the scene. Note how the soil color textured paint on the
fascia helps blend it in with the scenery.


  1. How do you get such realistic soil texture? Do you use real soil?

  2. Yes, I do use dirt as part of my ground cover. I found some dirt in Utah that works very well. The local clay dirt here tends to swell and crack upon drying. I sift the Utah dirt into different sizes and use where appropriate. A trick I use is to include spice brown acrylic craft paint in my dilute white glue mixture. As the dilute glue-paint mixture dries it creates a look of depth to the ground cover.

  3. Thanks for the tips. I have always been displeased by my efforts since ti always looked too uniform. I can see now that a variety of soil particle sizes is necessary.