August 16, 2011

A Turret and Some Scenery

The portholes are glazed,
 but still need detailing.
Work continues on the USS Passaic.  The task board surface on the hull texture was not as good as I hoped after I painted it, so I laser cut a fresh layer of hull plating using resin impregnated paper. It has a smoother texture that is closer to scale.

I started building the turret using a series of laser cut rings and discs. Next I will add the armor plating and rivets. The turret armor plating will be also made with resin impregnated paper. I will use sewing pins for the rivets as I found some that were the correct size and shape. I do not plan to add extensive detailing on the turret interior as I don't have great references. So the interior will be pretty basic.

While the laser was cutting turret parts I added a base coat of scenery to the Stoneman's Station area all the way to Potomac Creek. I now have at least base scenery from Potomac Creek all the way to the end of the line at Falmouth.

It is curious but with just the base scenery, the layout looks smaller. I need to add some view blocking features to break up the line of sight and add some visual complexity.

Base scenery at Stoneman's Station. The tents are just placed for planning purposes.
They are not in their final position. There will be an extensive supply depot here.

Looking from Potomac Creek to Stoneman's Station. 

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