August 7, 2011

Ventilated Boxcar

Over the past few days I added another, and new type, of freight car to the fleet. This is a 28 foot ventilated box car, also called a combination box car. I based it on the Illinois Central car depicted in White's Freight Car book. I already offer this car as a kit in HO, so it was not too hard to upscale it to O Scale.

I painted it in a buff sand color. I used Vallejo Air paints to spray it. These are some of the best acrylic spray paints I have used. They cover nice and don't clog the airbrush. I have to mail order the paint as none of my local shops carry it anymore, mostly because most of the local shops closed. :(

Unpainted car
I elected to decal it as a USMRR car.  I made the decals on my printer and clear decal film.

This car has working brakes on wood beam trucks. After I took this pictures I realized I forgot to add the stirrups at the bottom of the ladders. I have since added them.


  1. Bernie,
    Nicely done! Who is your current Vallejo source?

  2. I'l still using my supply from Granddads. To resupply I'll probably order from Squadron Shop or Military Miniature Warehouse. I don't know of any local dealers.