January 14, 2012

Model Railroad Planning 2012

The 2012 issue of Model Railroad Planning has an article about my layout. It was written by Gerry Fitzgerald. You might recognize him from this blog as he is one of my regular gandy dancers even though he lives in Charlottesville, VA where he is a graduate student at UVa while serving as a visiting professor at GMU. Gerry wrote the article with my permission and cooperation. I took the photos and did the graphics.

I found it a bit strange reading about my layout in the third person, but Gerry did a great job with the article. He provided his own insight, not exactly that of an outsider, but certainly an independent look at the project. Thanks Gerry.

BTW We still have about 5,000 spikes to go.


  1. I picked this up at M.B. Kleins. A very well done article with many excellent photos of your layout. I hope that you put together a DVD when it's completed.

  2. Glad you enjoyed it. Those following the blog knew much of that already. But the discipline of writing an article helps crystalize and sharpen the message.