January 2, 2012

Hard shell and rock carving

Gerry Fitzgerald stopped by for a work session on the afternoon of New Years Eve.  He worked on fixing some loose scenery by Potomac Creek siding as well as spiking some more rail. I worked on adding hard shell and rock carvings.

We decided that the rock carving process was interesting and worth making into a video tutorial. You can see the 12 minute movie below.

Adding hard shell to the hill behind Brooke. Gerry Fitzgerald Photo
I have to use a step stool to reach the deepest parts of the scene. Gerry Fitzgerald Photo
Using my Sawzall to cut the fascia back a bit. It made quick work of the job. Gerry Fitzgerald Photo

Gerry worked on fixing the scenery by Potomac Creek. Gerry Fitzgerald Photo


  1. Hello! You have a fantastic layout! Enjoyed the video and I hope you continue to do more!

  2. Great post. And i thought my little 4" x 6" rock carving was a major accoplishment :) Jamie