April 11, 2012

Stockaded Sibley Tent

I installed a Sibley tent from Empress Miniatures and an Old Glory 28mm Supply wagon to the Potomac Creek station scene.  The tent is not 100 percent accurate for a Sibley tent. I believe the model was based on a British 19th Century Colonial bell tent. But I like the way the furled flaps were represented, so I installed it with the opening facing the front. Eventually there will be two figures standing in the opening, so detailing the interior was limited to just straw on the floor.

To stockade the tent was quite simple. The Empress Miniatures tent is a thick plastic casting with a pronounced recessed edge at the base. I was able to glue small twigs split in half to this recessed edge. I test fit the logs against the uneven ground, trimming the logs to fit. Then I spread some tan static grass on the ground to represent the straw flooring for the tent. I glued the tent in place with carpenter's yellow glue. Then I applied some scenic material to blend the tent into the scene.

The wagon is an Old Glory 25mm war gaming model. It is built quite sturdy for rough handling during gaming. It would not make a good foreground model, but is acceptable in the background. The color reference came from the paint chips in Lindmier's book, "The Great Blue Army Wagon." I may add a canvas cover later, though I like the look for the red interior.


  1. That's the first time I come to see your blog...amazing photos! A great work! I'll come back...

    1. Welcome aboard. Your input is welcome.