July 16, 2012

Mom to the rescue!

Mom at work in the sun room.
My mom is spending some time with us and she was intrigued by the wire trees I have been making for the layout. She said she wanted to try making some.

So I showed her how I have been making the trees. Then she sat in the sun room and made some for me.

She used up all the wire I had on hand, so I went and bought some more so she can continue on her own while we are at work.   She also made a pretty mean peach cobbler too.

Hooray for mom!

(Yes, work continues on the Aquia line while plans for the Unions Street Switching District evolve.)

A batch of trees awaiting final painting and trimming.


  1. Mom's are great! The trees are pretty good to.

  2. Your mum rocks! Great looking trees...

  3. 5 trees down, only about 30 more to go! Each tree represents about 6-8 hours of work.