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July 6, 2012

New Locomotive Coming to the Aquia Line

Pilot model of SMR Trains' Latest Offering, the NYC Amenia. This is a 3-Rail model. The 2-Rail model
will have flanges closer to scale. Photo copyright by 
SMR Trains and used with permission

Dave at SMR Trains sent me some photos and artwork for the next locomotive he is producing, a Rogers 4-4-0 based on the W&A Yonah and NYC Amenia. He has the pilot model on hand and it is seen in the photo above. I don't have my copy yet. However, through the miracle of Photoshop, I inserted the model on my layout.

Dave gave me the opportunity to order mine custom printed. I selected the the USMRR Osceola. The Osceola was a 1848 Rogers locomotive that served on the USMRR Aquia line. It is very close to the Yonah in terms of physical descriptions. I do not have a photograph or builder's drawing of the Osceola, so the stats are all we have to go by. Not knowing what the exact paint scheme of the Osceola was, I used the USMRR Nye as a basis. Below is my artist concept of what the lettering will look like.

I modified the SMR artwork to show the lettering scheme for the Osceola.  Artwork copyright by
SMR Trains and used with permission
This model will be my first SMR Trains engine with the motor powering the main drivers from a boiler mounting.  All my previous models were tender driven. I am looking forward to adding it to my roster. For those that model the Andrews Raid and the Great Locomotive Chase, you are just about set in terms of the locomotives you will need as SMR did the General,Texas and now Yonah. Of course some are sold out.


  1. I was able to see the pilot model in the flesh. This locomotive is considerable smaller in length and height than the locomotives of the 'General' and the 'Texas'. All wheels on the 'Yonah' pilot model appear undersized, spokes and rims too bulky and spoke count does not match the historical photo. The emblems shown on the tender are suggestive and appear as state seals or emblems. Little has been found in the way of more historical photos of the 'Yonah'. Dave has indicated revisions are underway for the final production model. For your altered version, it looks you have added 'US Military Railroad' lettering to the tender and the name plaque reads 'Osceola', but no paint color changes. If you have photos of the "Osceola' possibly you should post them.

  2. I know of no photos of Osceola. Its dimensions and build date were close to Yonah. Yonah was indeed a small loco.

  3. I am looking for Plans and Drawings for General H. HAUPT's Locomotive 4-4-0 along with -NORTHERN CENTRAL RAILWAY's 4-4-0 YORK? -i Including color photos of how they were painted .