August 17, 2012

Attack of the Bald Guys

Fence and backdrop at the mill scene

Dave and Craig displaying their handiwork
Craig Bisgeier was back for more punishment tonight. This time local guy Dave Emery came with him.  Both of these guys model railroads in the 19th century. I immediately put them to work. Dave got the job of installing a slew of NBWs to the hub of the water wheel. I accidentally had put the NBWs on the side that faces the mill. Even the outward facing ones will be hard to see, but we know they are there. The holes were predrilled, so Dave just had to insert the NBWs.

Craig got the job of building the sluice. "Do you have any plans?" he asked.

"Plans, no. But I do have a bunch of photos," was my reply. So with the photos and the run of my shop, Craig scratch built the sluice for the mill. It came out great.

While they were working I painted the backdrop behind the mill and dam and added a section of split rail fence.

After they left, I glued the mill and races in place and weighted it down so the glue could set. The mill scene is really coming out nicely. I am glad I decided to add it.

Awaiting glue and dirt

Visitors don't get to see this view.
Train's eye view. Still need to finish the scene with fence, footbridge, vegetation, details and figures.


  1. Love the animated picture of Craig and Dave. Here is what I imagine the conversation would be in that photo: "Craig can you see the NBW's yet? No. How about now? No. Now? No. How about now..."

  2. I heard you can get a shot, to prevent more bald-guy attacks... ;o)

    Seriously, nice work by both talented modelers!

  3. Hi Bernard,
    Just came across your excellent blog on backdrop painting. Your work is awesome and you have links to other great artists. Thanks for the references.