August 8, 2012

Small stand of trees

Engine Haupt rumbles past the wet scenery at North Stoneman's Station
Having completed a batch of trees, it was time to install some of them. I had planned a small stand of trees at the north end of Stonemans Station.

After I had mocked up the scene, I decided that the backdrop needed to be augmented with some more trees. This extends the scene in depth and makes the foreground trees look more detailed than the really are as it is hard to tell the modeled branches from the branches painted on the backdrop.
Painting more trees on the backdrop

I installed three of the wire trees along with several smaller weeds and crepe mrytle twigs to simulate younger trees.

The single tree in the foreground is a wire tree. Since it is near a switch stand I expect it to take a bang every now and then. Hopefully the wire tree will hold up under that abuse.

A lone picket guards the wet scenery

Overview of the scene.


  1. VERY nice! I honestly can't tell which trees are "real" and which are painted on the backdrop.

  2. Thanks for the tip about RENEGADE miniatures. These look diorama worthy.

    I like the early spring (late fall?) look of your layout.

  3. It is April 1863 on the layout, so it's early spring. I depict a mild, dry day.