August 22, 2012

Selective Compression of Brooke Tavern

Three different scale versions compared.
I tried three different versions of the tavern, one full O Scale, one in S Scale and then a selectively compressed O scale version. It is the same height, but about 1.5 inches shorter and two inches narrower. The full scale structure won't go to waste. It will get covered with board and batten siding and become one of the warehouses at Aquia Landing. The S scale mock-up may turn up some where too.

I then laser engraved and cut the brick overlay using pre-painted task board. That works pretty well, though the bricks are fragile. The bricks are scale size, as is the grout line - one of the advantages of O scale compared to smaller scales where bricks sizes are frequently off.

The windows and trim are next. I will custom cut them as I did not have any Tichy or Grandt ones in stock that were close.

I also need to come up up a spiffy name for this tavern. Any suggestions? The Prancing Pony? The Dew Drop Inn? The Ten Bells?

Inspired by this view of a hotel with the porch facing the tracks at Culpepper, VA, I decided to do the same with my tavern.

The bottom photo shows the selectively compressed tavern with the porch facing the tracks.

I will build up a stone embankment and create a level spot in front of the porch similar to the scene in the Culpepper photo.

You can also see a while gabled wall to the right rear of the tavern. That is a mock-up of a full sized O Scale New Hope church. Many of the early, rural Virginia churches didn't look much different than warehouses or barns, without a steeple or impressive facade.

Since even this church is so big, I may omit the it from the scene and assume it is just off the layout.  Alternatively, a selectively compressed version may work further up the hill.

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  1. When searching for a generic pub name for his stories, a British cousin of mine invariably uses "The Prat and Artichoke".
    - Trevor